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branding, arculattervezés és user interface design

Zwicon – fresh, handcrafted iconset for your next project

Zwicon – fresh, handcrafted iconset for your next project

And it’s free to download.

Nowdays websites and apps look almost the same: flat design conquers everything, Material Design affects on most of them. Beside colours and typography, custom icons and illustrations are the best way to stand out. The team of made by zwoelf created a crispy new microsite for the iconset called zwicon.

Massive Design Principles

The new 566 piece icon set is designed on a 24px grid so it works hand-in-hand with 8pt Grid System. Our Icon design professionals design principle was deadly simple: 1px line weight, 2px corner radius and rounded line caps.

During the design process we took care, that the icons consist of characteristic cues that need to be identifiable and salient for recognition. By using wide inner whitespaces the outline icons are highly recognizable.

Carefully prepared for you

We know fellow designers are using different softwares and tools to create so we’re working hard to provide a package, which is prepared for

  • Figma
  • IconJar
  • Invision Studio
  • Axure RP
  • Sketch
  • Webfont
  • and vector formats.

Handy presentation

We setup a microsite, where you can download the whole package, or search the icons one by one. You can easily use the webfont and the online search in you next web development project. 

If you would like to learn more on icons and branding, visit our website www.brandguide.me!

Péter Serfőző
Author: Péter Serfőző CEO, design lead


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