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baoba • 2020 • Branding & Digital Design

Baoba ensures that both their customers and distributors have access to a full range of value add, on-demand, realtime microservices to secure safer, end-to-end undisrupted travels and P&C insurance lines to enhance the travel experience.

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Baoba Digital Design

Creating meaningful, innovative and loveable first experience from scratch for a company that provides industry specific solutions mostly for B2B. Differentiating baoba from the visual culture used by the competition.


Project Lead Designer - Klaudia Rohr
Designers - Lonca Sulyok, Réka Molnár-Fekete, Dóra Ladjánszki
3D - Máté Kondor, Rebeka Juhász
Management – Dóra Ladjánszki
Design Director – Péter Serfőző


The logo emphasizes the repeating circle elements of the word ‘baoba’. In the middle, the negative space of the letter ‘O’ forms a pin that reflects the location intelligence and geo-specific data that can aid geo-relevant and geo-accurate insurance offers. With the colors and typographical choices, we aimed to create something innovative and unusual to the industry.

Baoba Illustration

Brand Design

The visual journey from brief to brand

zwoelf team member
Klaudia Rohr
Senior Designer
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Baoba illustration
Baoba illustration

We wanted to showcase the many different solutions they provide through the course of a trip in the 3D cityscapes, creating a playful universe. For easier reproduction we supplemented the 3D cityscapes with 2D illustrations. Depicting the situations one can benefit from using baoba solutions. We mixed the different illustration styles from 2D vector to experimental 3D and isometric icon designs, making a total of 100+ custom illustrations.

illustration styles for baoba
Baoba illustrationBaoba illustration
Baoba illustrationBaoba illustrationBaoba illustration

We continuously work together with baoba on their strategic and communication goals. We provide the baoba team with everything they need visually to become a successful startup.

baoba illustration
Baoba illustration
Baoba and zwoelf

OMG. My God. Unbelievable. Genius. (...and now I’m holding myself back). We really like it!

Ludvig Kata, CEO, Baoba
Kata Ludvig