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Prefixbox provides the leading predictive search, recommendation, and insight solution for e-commerce platforms and websites.

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Prefixbox Digital Design

The company is transitioning from startup to scale-up, and a redesign was inevitably needed to support the internal and business growth plans. We collaboratively worked with their in-house marketing department on a weekly schedule.


Project Lead Designer - Klaudia Rohr
Strategy – Klaudia Rohr, Orsolya Kumli
Designers - Réka Molnár-Fekete, Réka Tamás, Gábor Kozma, Orsolya Németi, Gábor Váraljai
Supervision - Dóra Ladjánszki, Daniel Pucz
Management – Dóra Ladjánszki
Design Director – Péter Serfőző
Prefixbox – Paige Tyrrell, Balázs Vékony, Rebecca Pacun, István Simon


As usual the branding project started with our Brand Sprint Workshops. In these meetings we focused on business, strategic and UX related topics. As result we crafted a clear brief about the company's vision, values, competitive landscape and the brand's personality.

The Brand Sprint

How we set up a Brand Workshop at zwoelf?

zwoelf team member
Orsolya Kumli
Brand Strategist
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Brand Identity & logo design
Custom icons & illustrations
Web UX/UI Design
Online & offline marketing

The new symbol is based on the original logo but is more modern, round and fluid. We crafted a symbol that could easily be used not only as a logo, but as an asset in the product itself. Prefixbox now has a custom emblem and a custom wordmark. We refined all brand visuals to support the new bold, colorful, and round look of Prefixbox.

Prefixbox illustration
Prefixbox illustration
Prefixbox illustrationPrefixbox illustrationPrefixbox illustrationPrefixbox illustrationPrefixbox illustration
Prefixbox illustration

We created a set of custom icons for the product and the brand. These pixel-perfect illustrations serve as the middle ground between the brand illustrations and the icons. We also defined a drawing system to make the set scaleable for later uses. We drew 30+ custom illustrations and icons to support the company's new communication approaches. Instead of focusing on technological advancements and digital buzzwords, we put the users' delight first.

Prefixbox illustration
Prefixbox illustration
Prefixbox illustration
Prefixbox illustration
Prefixbox illustration

The website redesign took more than a year. The UX and the structure behind the new website were created and continously iterated by Ergomania to meet all business and marketing goals.


Showcasing white-label products is always hard. Prefixbox used a neutral webshop template to emphasize unique search features on their websites and in their demos. We collaboratively defined the best possible variations to stay on brand while keeeping it neutral. 
This template is expanded and operated by the in-house team at Prefixbox.

Prefixbox illustration
Prefixbox illustration
Prefixbox illustration

In the redesign we not only created branding guides and materials, but a haul of marketing collaterals as well. We built presentation templates, demo decks, flyers, print and online marketing materials, and a full-fledged social media production kit for the team.

Prefixbox illustration
Prefixbox and zwoelf

We realized that the Prefixbox brand & website needs way more attention. We wanted to find the most qualified team in Hungary that can work with us as an extended team, with the right competencies for this important area. We found the solution with zwoelf and we are happy that we can continue working together for long term.

Istvan Simon, CEO, Prefixbox
István Simon
CEO, Prefixbox