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segmenthee • 2023 • Branding & Digital Design

Segmenthee is a Budapest based technology startup serving ecommerce platforms with the latest innovations to turn website visitors to customers more efficiently.

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Segmenthee illustration

Segmenthee is an early-stage startup with solid technological and academical foundations, and with an outstanding product that already works and is being used by large e-commerce stores in Hungary. A rebranding project was essential to move forward growing their brand and to reach new potential investors. The aim of the project was to brand the product and to create the visual guidelines of the brand identity for a new website.


Project Lead Designer - Gábor Kozma
Strategy – Orsolya Kumli
Designers - Klaudia Rohr, Daniel Pucz, Gábor Váraljai
Supervision - Daniel Pucz
Management – Dóra Ladjánszki
Design Director – Péter Serfőző


As usual the branding project started with our Brand Sprint Workshops. We focused on business, strategic and UX related topics. As result we crafted a clear brief about the company's vision, values, competitive landscape and the brand's personality. We also built the fundamentals of their new website creating the information architecture collaboratively with the Segmenthee team.

The Brand Sprint

How we set up a Brand Workshop at zwoelf?

zwoelf team member
Orsolya Kumli
Brand Strategist
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Brand Strategy
Brand Identity & Logo Design
Website UX/UI Design
Sales & Pitch Materials

Our keywords during the rebranding projects were the following:

  • Magic
  • Behind the curtains
  • Transformative
  • Technology-driven

Segmenthee’s new logo reflects on the cognitive part of the decision making process. We created an easy to understand symbol to be used individually or as part of a wordmark. Segmenthee uses a truly digital colour system that works both on dark and light backgrounds. Working on the project we created a set of infographics to explain how these products can engage webshop visitors and ease their potential frustration in the buying process.

Segmenthee illustration
Segmenthee logo
Segmenthee illustration

The new website focuses on both the product features, and explains the boost in customer experience when using Segmenthee tools. The project ended with a full documentation of digital styles, layouts, assets and components in a fully developed UI component library that can also be used for the Segmenthee products as well.

Digital Design

Building and maintaining design libraries

zwoelf team member
Daniel Pucz
Lead Designer
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Segmenthee illustrationSegmenthee illustrationSegmenthee illustration
Segmenthee illustration
Segmenthee illustrationSegmenthee illustrationSegmenthee illustration
Segmenthee and zwoelf

I have known Péter (zwoelf) and the high quality he represents for years. Working together with his larger team was also a great experience. They quickly understood Segmenthee's meaning, who we are and where we want to go. They promptly translated this into the language of branding and design. Great creative minds, easy (and professional) to work with!

Viktor Lázár, CEO, Segmenthee
Viktor Lázár
CEO, Segmenthee