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A Problem Well-Defined is a Problem Half-Solved

Jump in early!

The later you deal with it, the more extensive the marketing and sales activities are, the more expensive it is to create them anew.

Rock-solid foundations

We guide you through the process according to a proven methodology refined on 38 startup projects.

Stop burning money!

Bad marketing is the most expensive: bad messages without strategy. So all the money was burned.

Be consistent!

Without a consistent visual language your brand is unrecognizable. Creating a unified identity system helps your marketing approaches to make your brand become familiar after much less touch points.

The communication plan

In the end, you will have a powerful set of tools in your hands that will help you make business decisions and help you communicate effectively.

Do precisely!

You start marketing with a targeted, well-formulated visual message, which means cheaper deviations and lower media spending.

What is a Brand Sprint?

At zwoelf we believe in the power of startegy. We use an enhanced version of Google's Brand Sprint to gather all the information whats needed to develop the brand strategy.

Brand Sprint: 20 year roadmap

Brand Vision: The 20 Year Roadmap

The goal of this exercise is to have a roadmap on what you want to achieve and have a clear vision which guides you and is a solid base for business strategy.

Brand Sprint: Brand Mission

Brand Mission: Start with the Why?

By knowing your mission you will have a clear understanding WHAT you do, HOW you are doing it (your differentiators, value proposition, USPs) and WHY the existence of your company matters to the world, why should anyone care. WHY is the purpose, your cause, your belief.

Brand Sprint: Brand Values

Brand Values

By the end of this exercise we have a list of corporate values, which resonate the emotional needs of the target audience and also authentic within the company. We also want to priorize these values and identify the one which is the most important.

Brand Sprint: Audience

Target Audience

It is crucial to be clear of who our primary audience is, what kind of customers we want to deal with (ideal customer profile) and who are the ones where we have to see the red flags (wrong customer profile)

Brand Sprint: Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Let's see the participants on the market and identify their messages, brand core and visual features so that our brand can differenciate itself from them.

Brand Sprint: Brand Personality

Brand Personality: 12 Brand Archetypes

This is the most fun part of Brand Sprint: we gather as many inputs as we can on how you imagine your brand, so that we can identify the brand’s personality and also underlying personality traits.

Brand Sprint: Moodboard

The Moodboard

The goal is to collaboratively lay out the visual foundations of the brief. Creating the low-fidelity guidelines regarding colours, shapes, imagery and tipography. Customizing the visuals based on personal or business needs.

What to Expect?


We're Well Perpared

We are refining our proven design process for more than ten years to find the best possible solution for you. We work together with you, so be prepared you’ll have to do your homework.


We're Design Experts

We are problem solving experts. We analyse, research, discover and structure in order to define problems, and create the strategy to solve them. You have to trust our expertise, this is the only way we can make you happy.


We're in for a Partnership

For us it's a failure if we stop at one project with you. Our aim is to work with you and your friends - to whom you recommend us - on the long run.

Brand Strategy Services

  • Brand Sprint Workshops
  • Brand Review
  • 20 Year Roadmap
  • Mission & Values
  • Brand Personality
  • Target Audience
  • Tone of Voice
  • Competitor landscape

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