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We build design libraries to make life easier for your internal teams and your developers. It also helps you to move faster when enhancing or scaling your digital products. How?

Digital Design: Sitemap

Structure & Content

We combine well-known best practices and your business needs into a fully specified sitemap. Together we highlight the most important functionality of the new digital product.

Digital Design: UX, Structure

UX, Wireframes, Iteration, Testing (optional)

This phase varies based on client or product needs. Based on the sitemap we build the low fidelity wireframes and the most important user journeys. If the project’s scope allows it, we run usability tests and optimize the designs for the best efficiency.

Digital Design: Look & Feel

Look & Feel

Prior jumping into interface design, we create high-fidelity design proposals for the product visuals and interactions. This step helps us start the UI design process and to validate the look and feel with stakeholders and users with the lowest risk possible.

Digital Design: Styles & Assets

Root Styles, Assets, Components

We build the foundations of the design framework: structural elements, style definitions, visual and functional assets, components, grouped elements and templates.

UI design made by zwoelf

UI Design

Based on the wireframes and the component library, we build each page, screen and user flow. In case of more complex projects we usually build interactive prototypes so it’s easier to test the most important functions before the development begins.

Digital Design: Component library

The Component Library

A well-defined library file is created separately from the design file for each project we take on. This file can serve as the basis of future projects and enhancements as well. This library file also helps if a global change is introduced to your product later on.

Developer handoff by zwoelf

Developer Handoff, Support

We go through each and every question the development team has during the development process. We also do review the implementation of our designs to make sure everything appears and functions as intended.

What to Expect?


We're Well Perpared

We are refining our proven design process for more than ten years to find the best possible solution for you. We work together with you, so be prepared you’ll have to do your homework.


We're Design Experts

We are problem solving experts. We analyse, research, discover and structure in order to define problems, and create the strategy to solve them. You have to trust our expertise, this is the only way we can make you happy.


We're in for a Partnership

For us it's a failure if we stop at one project with you. Our aim is to work with you and your friends - to whom you recommend us - on the long run.

Digital & Web Design Services

  • Digital First Branding
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Design
  • UX/UI Design
  • Design System Services
  • Online & Social Communications
  • Pitch decks & Presentations

Our Network

Our friends and partners enable us to take on more complex development tasks to perfectly implement our design solutions.

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Zwoelf is open-source

Designers by day, makers by night. Our team regularly contribute to the design community through open-source design projects.


Free handcrafted icon set of 500+ icons in 26 categories for your next design project.


Customizable, fully configured component library for Figma.

Brandguide assets

Knowledge and assets supporting your first design sprint.