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Great collaborations.
Thank you for all the positive feedback.

"We realized that the Prefixbox brand and website needed much more attention. We wanted to find the most qualified team in Hungary, that can work with us as an external team with the appropriate competencies in this important task. We have found the solution at zwoelf and we're happy to continue our long-term cooperation!"

István Simon
CEO, Prefixbox
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"It's easy to have effective meetings when the zwoelf team always knows what you're looking for. We love the new feel of the brand. We got exactly what we wanted! It’s great to work with them; we had the best Fridays!"

Martin Kurucz
CEO, Sterling Data Company 🇺🇸
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"I received a huge compliment today on the pitch deck and the design from a London VC in. Nice job!"

Kata Ludvig
CEO, Baoba
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"I have known Peter and the high professional quality he represents for years. It was a pleasure working with his team. They quickly understood the meaning of Segmenthee, who we are, and where we want to go. They immediately translated this into the language of branding and design. These great creative minds are so easy to work with!"

Viktor Lázár
CEO, Segmenthee
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